About Me and the Blog

Hi, I’m Connor. I’m a Sophomore majoring in English at Dickinson College. I created this blog as part of a class project that teaches students how to write for an online audience.

As you have probably already worked out, the topic of the blog is English literature. Since I am just getting into my major, I thought it would be a good idea to do some writing about literary theory and some reviews of books and poetry to broaden my horizons and familiarize myself with the literary world.



My intended audiences for this blog are not only my fellow students in my writing class and the larger academic community at Dickinson, but also anyone who is interested in delving deeper into literature and the study of English. I don’t plan to write about convoluted literary theories or intricate analyses of obscure texts. What I want to do is write about literature and poetry in a manner that everyone can understand and enjoy. This blog is part of my first real deep exploration into the literary world, so I like to look at it as a chronicle of my journey that you can follow along with and join me as I go.

In terms of the blog’s stream of content, you can expect to see an even distribution of reviews and analyses posted with an interview post spliced in in the near future.

I hope you find reading this blog to be an enriching experience, and I look forward to sharing more of literary experience with you.

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